• Daniel

Welcome to 'Record of the week'.

As a drummer and someone that has a huge passion for music and a slightly unhealthy... ok... very unhealthy obsession with vinyl record collecting, I came up with the idea to start 'Record of the week'.

What is 'Record of the week'? Each week I'll be posting an album along with a short blurb about the record, why I love it and why you need to hear it. My record of choice is largely dictated by the drumming, but is of course all about the music too.

Why am I doing this?

Other than just having a bit of fun and sharing some of my favourite music, over the past few years of teaching drums I've found that a fair few of my students are either trapped listening to one genre of music or just aren't aware of some of the staple 'drumming albums' that really need to be heard. By posting a 'Record of the week' I aim to share some of my favourite albums.

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