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Week 1 - Jazz at the Philharmonic

First up is 'The Drum Battle' featuring Gene Krupa & Buddy Rich.

This was one of the first records that started me on my journey into the world of Jazz music, although I can't say that it's one of my favourite Jazz records it's definitely worth checking out for the drumming, especially the solo sections and the battle!

Track list on my version is:

1. Cottontail

2. Flyin' Home

3. Drum Boogie

4. The Drum Battle

5. Perdido

It's taken me quite some time to find a copy of this on vinyl and as luck would have it my favourite track isn't on there, I've since learned that there are a few versions floating about.

Stand out tracks:

- Idaho

- Drum Boogie

- The Drum Battle (Title track)

Here is a link to a version on Spotify that I used to own on CD, which is the version I started out with and includes my favourite track, Idaho:


Track list:

1. Introduction

2. Idaho

3. Sophisticated Lady

4. Flyin' Home

5. Drum Boogie

6. The Drum Battle

7. Perdido



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